Ghostmaster Leonid Celsus is regarded as a "ghost general," and organizes the operations of the Terran Dominion's ghost program.[1]

He claims to have sent over a hundred ghosts on various missions, and can count the failures "on the fingers of one hand".[2]


Confederate OfficerEdit

LeonidCelsus SC-Com5 Head1

Leonid Celsus at the Center for State Security

In 2496 Leonid Celsus worked at the Tarsonis-based Center for State Security. He had a political opponent in Senator Elliot Canon, who was trying to shed light on his operations.

A ghost was sent to murder Canon and frame his bodyguard/lover, Nuura Joss. The latter turned herself in and pled guilty to treason. She was sentenced to life in prison. Celsus was satisfied with the sentence; he planned on manipulating her a year or two down the road.[3]

Dominion OfficerEdit

LeonidCelsus SC-GA3 Comic1

Celsus arrives at the Ghost Academy in 2501

The Ghost AcademyEdit

"Ghostmaster! Welcome!
Save it. I'm only here to see this prodigy of yours."

- Celsus's 'greeting'(src)

The ghostmaster general heard about Colin Phash, a very young uniquely-talented ghost trainee, and traveled to the Ghost Academy to pick him up. Academy director Kevin Bick and Superintendent Sarco Angelini opposed this action. So did Phash, who attempted to hide from the Academy's staff.

Bick and Angelini displayed Phash's results in a test. However, Phash fooled the ghostmaster, who viewed the test as a trick. Threatening to tell Emperor Arcturus Mengsk about this, the ghostmaster stormed off. Phash later admitted he deliberately failed the test because he didn't want to go where the general would take him.[4]

The War PigsEdit

LeonidCelsus SC-Com4 Comic1

Celsus on Agria

In 2502 Celsus dispatched a ghost to Hudderstown Colony, Agria, ostensibly to assassinate Castor Mezzo, an anti-Dominion rebel.

The small farming colony sheltered the charismatic Mezzo, who had previously been the mentor for Turfa Dei, now a War Pig outlaw in the "pay" of Dominion Internal Security Division director Tamsen Cauley. Dei regarded Hudderstown as his hometown. Dei and the rest of the War Pigs arrived at Hudderstown and killed the ghost (as well as Mezzo). Afterward Celsus said the War Pigs proved themselves to be a force to reckon with, and foresaw them being useful.[2]

The following section contains information from StarCraft (comic) that is ambiguously canonical.

Celsus's predictions proved accurate, later seeing the War Pigs as a "sorely needed resource".[5]


By 2503 Ghostmaster Celsus was regularly dispatching Nova Terra on missions. She was surprised when she was placed under Colonel Jackson Hauler of Nova Squadron for a mission instead.[1]


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