Leredar was a Daelaam zealot that served under Admiral Urun.


Leredar took part in the Battle of Adena. After a group of renegade Dominion forces under Captain Hogarth violated the demilitarized zone and came under attack by zerg of the Niadra Brood on Adena, Leredar accompanied Urun's forces to stem the tide of the zerg on the planet. They allied with the terrans stranded on Adena, who were aided by a psionically gifted human named Elms who sense where the zerg would strike next. While the allied protoss and terrans survived the first few attack waves, their phoenix support began to fail.

LeredarUrunBaneling ShadowWars Comic1

Leredar in battle

Elms sensed a zerg presence in the caves behind them and moved her squad to investigate, while Urun ordered his forces to hold the entrance. Leredar expressed his concerns that the terrans had abandoned them and that their numbers were being whittled down, but Urun insisted that they would honor their agreement with the terrans and hold the line. Soon the force came face to face with the broodmother of the attacking zerg, Niadra.[1] The protoss continued to fight, but were gradually whittled down. Leredar continued to protest continuing to distract the zerg for the terrans, but Urun told him the protoss would die to end the threat of Niadra and her brood. Several protoss merged into archons to attempt to stop the tide of zerg, but in the end Urun was slain by Niadra.[2]


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