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"Resistance is not only futile, it's just not a good idea... at all."

- Humbert H.'s review of L800ETC(src)

Level 800 Elite Tauren Chieftain (also known as L800ETC) is a terran band based in the Koprulu Sector. During the Second Great War, they released their latest album, "Terran Up the Night".[1]

According to the band and music critic Humbert H., the band is from "a galaxy far, far away and even farther away than the other guys," and wander the galaxy searching to shows to rock. Their hit song Terran Up the Night, is supposedly the most recorded song in history.[2]

At some point in their touring, the band visited New Folsom Prison.[3]



There appears to be a degree of overlap between L800ETC and the tauren marine L80ETC, both icons effectively being Easter eggs and both being tauren marines. However, it seems that an in-universe difference does exist, as in the in-universe blurb for Revolution Overdrive: Songs of Liberty, a specific reference is made to L80ETC, not L800ETC.[4]

In a real-world sense, the band can be considered to be an in-universe representation of Level 90 Elite Tauren Chieftain, a Blizzard-themed rock band. They themselves wrote many of the tracks that the band is said to have composed in-universe.

In Heroes of the Storm, the character of E.T.C has a skin named LV800 E.T.C. This skin is similar to the tauren marine used in the band's logo.[5]


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