The leveling system of StarCraft II includes a number of player rewards, based on which race they play in multiplayer games.


Terran RewardsEdit

Level Reward
Level 2 Civilian SC2-HotS Decal1 Civilian decal
Level 3 TerranLevel3 SC2-HotS Head1 Marine portrait
Level 4 Recruit SC2-HotS Decal1 Recruit decal
Level 5 TerranLevel5 SC2-HotS Head1 Marauder portrait
Level 7 Marshall SC2-HotS Decal1 Marshal decal
Level 8 TerranLevel8 SC2-HotS Head1 Hellbat portrait
Level 9 Vigilante SC2-HotS Decal1 Vigilante decal
Level 10 MULE SC2DanceImage MULE /dance
Level 11 TerranLevel11 SC2-HotS Head1 Widow mine portrait
Level 13 Renegade SC2-HotS Decal1 Renegade decal
Level 14 TerranLevel14 SC2-HotS Head1 Medivac portrait
Level 15 Viking SC2DanceImage Viking /dance
Level 16 Mercenary SC2-HotS Decal1 Mercenary decal
Level 17 TerranLevel17 SC2-HotS Head1 Banshee portrait
Level 19 Soldier SC2-HotS Decal1 Soldier decal
Level 20 MercSupplyDepot SC2SkinImage Supply Depot Skin: Mercenary
Level 21 TerranLevel21 SC2-HotS Head1 Ghost portrait
Level 22 Officer SC2-HotS Decal1 Officer decal
Level 23 TerranLevel23 SC2-HotS Head1 Thor portrait
Level 25 Ghost SC2DanceImage Ghost /dance
Level 26 Commander SC2-HotS Decal1 Commander decal
Level 27 TerranLevel27 SC2-HotS Head1 Battlecruiser portrait
Level 28 SonOfKorhal SC2-HotS Decal1 Son of Korhal decal
Level 29 TerranLevel29 SC2-HotS Head1 Raynor portrait
Level 30 MercMarine SC2SkinImage Marine Skin: Mercenary
Level 32 Carbotterran DecalSC2 Carbot Terran decal
Level 35 TerranLevel35 SC2-HotS Head1 Carbot Marine portrait
Level 40 Cyclone2 SC2Portrait Cyclone portrait
Level 45 Liberator SC2Portrait Liberator portrait
Level 50 TerranSymbol SC2Portrait Terran Symbol portrait

Zerg rewardsEdit

Level Reward
Level 2 Drone SC2-HotS Decal1 Drone decal
Level 3 ZergLevel3 SC2-HotS Head1 Zergling portrait
Level 4 Broodling SC2-HotS Decal1 Broodling decal
Level 5 ZergLevel5 SC2-HotS Head1 Roach portrait
Level 7 Predator SC2-HotS Decal1 Predator decal
Level 8 ZergLevel8 SC2-HotS Head1 Hydralisk portrait
Level 9 Alpha SC2-HotS Decal1 Alpha decal
Level 10 Overlord SC2DanceImage Overlord /dance
Level 11 ZergLevel11 SC2-HotS Head1 Locust portrait
Level 13 Slayer SC2-HotS Decal1 Slayer decal
Level 14 ZergLevel14 SC2-HotS Head1 Swarm Host portrait
Level 15 Roach SC2DanceImage Roach /dance
Level 16 Ravager SC2-HotS Decal1 Ravager decal
Level 17 ZergLevel17 SC2-HotS Head1 Infestor portrait
Level 19 DevouringOne SC2-HotS Decal1 Devouring One decal
Level 20 MutantOverlord SC2SkinImage Overlord Skin: Mutant
Level 21 ZergLevel21 SC2-HotS Head1 Viper portrait
Level 22 HunterKiller SC2-HotS Decal1 Hunter Killer decal
Level 23 ZergLevel23 SC2-HotS Head1 Brood Lord portrait
Level 25 Infestor SC2DanceImage Infestor /dance
Level 26 Torrasque SC2-HotS Decal1 Torrasque decal
Level 27 ZergLevel27 SC2-HotS Head1 Ultralisk portrait
Level 28 BroodMaster SC2-HotS Decal1 Brood Master decal
Level 29 ZergLevel29 SC2-HotS Head1 Kerrigan portrait
Level 30 MutantZergling SC2SkinImage Zergling Skin: Mutant
Level 32 CarbotsZerg SC2-HotS Decal1 Carbot Zerg decal
Level 35 ZergLevel35 SC2-HotS Head1 Carbot Zergling portrait
Level 40 Ravager SC2Portrait Ravager portrait
Level 45 Lurker2 SC2Portrait Lurker portrait
Level 50 ZergSymbol SC2Portrait Zerg Symbol portrait

Protoss rewardsEdit

Level Reward
Level 2 Initiate SC2-HotS Decal1 Initiate decal
Level 3 ProtossLevel3 SC2-HotS Head1 Zealot portrait
Level 4 Neophyte SC2-HotS Decal1 Neophyte decal
Level 5 ProtossLevel5 SC2-HotS Head1 Stalker portrait
Level 7 Adept SC2-HotS Decal1 Adept decal
Level 8 ProtossLevel8 SC2-HotS Head1 Sentry portrait
Level 9 Mentor SC2-HotS Decal1 Mentor decal
Level 10 Stalker SC2DanceImage Stalker /dance
Level 11 ProtossLevel11 SC2-HotS Head1 Immortal portrait
Level 13 Instructor SC2-HotS Decal1 Instructor decal
Level 14 ProtossLevel14 SC2-HotS Head1 Oracle portrait
Level 15 Oracle SC2DanceImage Oracle /dance
Level 16 Master SC2-HotS Decal1 Master decal
Level 17 ProtossLevel17 SC2-HotS Head1 High Templar portrait
Level 19 Templar SC2-HotS Decal1 Templar decal
Level 20 JudicatorPylon SC2SkinImage Pylon Skin: Judicator
Level 21 ProtossLevel21 SC2-HotS Head1 Tempest portrait
Level 22 Praetor SC2-HotS Decal1 Praetor decal
Level 23 ProtossLevel23 SC2-HotS Head1 Colossus portrait
Level 25 Colossus SC2DanceImage Colossus /dance
Level 26 DarkPrelate SC2-HotS Decal1 Dark Prelate decal
Level 27 ProtossLevel27 SC2-HotS Head1 Carrier portrait
Level 28 Executor SC2-HotS Decal1 Executor decal
Level 29 ProtossLevel29 SC2-HotS Head1 Zeratul portrait
Level 30 JudicatorZealot SC2SkinImage Zealot Skin: Judicator
Level 32 CarbotsProtoss SC2-HotS Decal1 Carbot Protoss decal
Level 35 ProtossLevel35 SC2-HotS Head1 Carbot Zealot portrait
Level 40 Disruptor SC2Portrait Disruptor portrait
Level 45 Adept SC2Portrait Adept portrait
Level 50 ProtossSymbol SC2Portrait Protoss Symbol portrait