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The Leviathan Brood is a brood of the Zerg Swarm. It was one of the original broods of the Zerg Swarm. The brood is unpredictable, and known for creeping up against its foes.[1]


Leviathan Brood strains

The brood has signature genetic traits, including a predisposition for its strains to extrude spikes from their bodies as well as a chaotic essence. Many of its strains demonstrate notable deviations from the base strains that comprise the Swarm. Its corruptors are adapted to survive in high gravity environments, its infestors bear more resemblance to the borbu matriarch, its vipers bear more hallmarks of the defiler (due to the brood's age), and its overseers and swarm hosts are capable of operating in aquatic environments. A number of its strains are noted for their increased aggression, such as roaches (due to vespene exposure), ravagers, and even the brood's queens. Of all the Swarm, the genetic link between hydralisks and lurkers is greatest in the Leviathan Brood, and the brood's hydralisks never lost the ability to metamorphose into lurkers during the Second Great War.

Mutalisks comprise a vast number of the brood's forces; it is said they function as one mind in battle, a singular unyielding mass that blacks out the sky.[2]


The Leviathan Brood is one of the original broods of the Zerg Swarm.[2] It was active during the Great War and/or Brood War.[3][4] After the latter conflict, the Leviathan Brood remained or came under control by Sarah Kerrigan, where her Swarm's new strains (both warrior and command) were integrated into its gene pool.[2]


Leviathan Brood skins

  • The brood is named after the Leviathan, an enormous biblical sea monster.
  • The brood makes virtually no appearance in the original StarCraft, but mostly functions as a placeholder for the 8th zerg player in multiplayer matches.
  • Internally, locations in the mission Shadow Hunters that refer to the brown zerg, which is usually the Grendel Brood, refer to the Leviathan Brood instead.[5]
  • The brood gains representation of sorts in StarCraft II via the first War Chest. All the zerg variant skins are said to be of the Leviathan Brood.[7]


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