Liam Griffud was a professor of exploratory geology at Umoja Central University, and later recruited as a corporal in Raynor's Raiders for their SceeVee Special Engineering Corps.


Liam Griffud was a teacher at Umoja Central University for exploratory geology. When Bill "Pearly" Bousquette was putting together a team of men for his SceeVee Special Engineering Corps, he poached Griffud from one of the university's fellowships and brought him on to Raynor's Raiders

Gurdlac JobEdit

Griffud was in charge of discovering new mineral deposits for the Raiders to use. His probes discovered a very large group of minerals on the planet Gurdlac, which Jim Raynor tasked the Sceevee Corps to mine. They mobilized and set up a command center, but were ambushed by a pack of zerglings. Griffud and the Sceevee Corps pulled back to a canyon to the northwest, which Griffud organized a 3D map of. From this map, the corps were able to devise a trap that wiped out the entire group of zerglings.

The Sceevee Corps mined Gurdlac unimpeded from there, and were able to reach double their resource quota.


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