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"I tell you I was married once?"

- Jim Raynor talking with Michael Liberty(src)

Lidya Elizabeth Raynor[1], called Liddy, is the deceased wife of Jim Raynor and mother of Johnny Raynor.[2]

Liddy Raynor was described as slim, tanned, and pretty even without makeup. She had freckles.[3]

Biography[edit | edit source]

"Liddy, I loved you. Always will. Stayed true to you till you breathed your last breath, and afterward too. But you're gone, my baby. And I know you'd understand and want me to be happy. And... I think I can be."

Liddy met Jim Raynor at Janine's, a bar at Mar Sara. Jim Raynor ordered a lemonade for her and himself.[3]

Liddy married Jim and hoped to settle down with him, despite his outlaw past.[1] In 2496, her husband became a marshal[4], and Liddy discovered she was pregnant. The two bought a house in the Diamondback Wastelands, though the mortgage was high and the two barely made ends meet. The couple had a son, John. The boy was tested for psionic power and scored high; the Tarsonis Institute of Health and Research chose him for their program[1], calling him "gifted"[2]. Lidya wanted to send him to the school, thinking the program would be good for him, but Jim was opposed, due to what he learned of the Confederacy when he had served in its military. Lidya believed Jim's past was influencing his reasoning.[1]

Months later, the couple received a letter from Health and Research, saying John had been killed in a shuttle accident. Jim did his best to comfort her, but Liddy, blaming herself and saying that Jim had been right, never fully recovered from the emotional wound. She came down with flu in the winter of that same year, a condition which resulted in her death.[2]

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