HighTemplar SC-FL3 Art1

A high templar in a light armor suit

The light armor suit is a scaled down version of the standard protoss power suit worn by high templar.[1] Adorned with cloth,[2] the suit provides limited protection against small-arms. It may be configured with full life support, limited nuclear/biological/chemical (NBC) protection, and a transceiver to communicate without telepathy.[1] These suits are less bulky and more intricately designed than their power suit counterparts,[3] and is fashioned from a light metal alloy that reacts to psionic input. Like the power suit, the light armor suit can be equipped with wrist-mounted projectors capable of shaping the user's will into psionic blades. However, as the high templar forgo physical combat in favor of psionic mastery, these weapons are regarded as a last resort.[2]

Teleportation mechanisms are built into light armor suits. When a protoss wearing one of these suits nears death, they disappear in a flash of bright light as the user seemingly disappears to a place of safety.[4] These mechanisms can also be activated manually.[5]


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