Lila is a low-level terran telepath. She has large eyes and coltish legs.


Early LifeEdit

Lila was part of a wealthy family on Pridewater until her parents were killed in a terrorist attack. Afterwards, she was sold into slavery and force-addicted to hab. Her telepathic abilities were exploited by her captors to steal from people.


Lila eventually found her way to Altara, where she ended up in the care of a woman that she called "Oma." They shared an apartment there, one that got broken into many times. Over time, Lila suffered from malnourishment and continued to sense the thoughts of those around her via her telepathy. She raised the issue to "Oma" once, but the woman dismissed it as nightmares stemming from a vivid imagination. In reality however, "Oma" exploited these abilities in much the same way that Lila's former captors had, yet despite this, Lila wanted to believe that her guardian genuinely cared for her.[1]

IN 2503,[2][3][4] an intruder broke into the dwelling Lila and "Oma" shared, one that had murderous intent. The intruder opened fire and "Oma" was killed while Lila fled. Days later, she had yet to return. To add insult to injury, she encountered a spectre, learning of the term and that of "Shadowblade". She was recovered by Dominion ghost Nova Terra. Lila conversed telepathically while Nova did so vocally, said vocals including an offer to take her to Korhal. Lila wasn't too keen however—Altara was "home" to her, and despite the ghost's assurances of her safety, knew that thieves and murderers were found in every site of terran civilization. She was, however, interested in becoming like Nova herself—a ghost.

An image of Lila was used by Jackson Hauler to torment Nova as they battled on Gehenna Station. After the ordeal, Nova intended to head back to Altara and find Lila—not to put her in the Ghost Program, but to find her a good foster family.[1]


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