Major Lionel Macaby, a Confederate Marine Corps officer, was the head trainer at Turaxis Prime base, Turaxis II, during the Guild Wars. His windowless office was located many levels underground, though he made an effort to personalize it with laser-inscribed plaques, framed awards and other mementos.

He led troops through an accelerated training schedule, cutting three weeks off the usual twelve week schedule. Advanced Infantry Training was also skipped.

Ark Bennet, an Old Family scion, had been kidnapped and forcibly recruited into the Marine Corps. He complained about this to Major Macaby. However, Bennet, now known as "Ryk Kydd", was an accomplished sniper and Macaby didn't want to lose him. On the other hand, if Kydd's claims were true, there'd be hell to pay once the truth got out. He decided to delay an investigation until after "Kydd" graduated from basic training, bumping the problem up to divisional level. If Kydd was lying, the CMC had still gained an excellent sniper. And if he really was Ark Bennett, it wouldn't be Macaby's problem once the truth was revealed.

Awhile later, Macaby oversaw the graduation of marines in the 2nd battalion of the 3rd Marines. He informed them of the skipping of AIT and how they were to be put in support positions before being moved to the frontline.[1]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Macaby was a realist. He was aware that a number of marine recruits had been illegally conscripted during the Guild Wars, but as long as the process didn't get out of hand, he didn't have a problem with it.[1]


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