In the single player mode of StarCraft and StarCraft II, players can input specific phrases and words in the chat dialog box, which have a variety of effects. If entered correctly, the desired effect immediately takes place and the message 'Cheat enabled' appears on the screen. Most cheats can be simply disabled by re-entering them in the chat dialog box, but some do not toggle back off again because they can be repeated multiple times for added effect.

PC/Mac version

The cheats featured in StarCraft include many pop-culture and StarCraft related references. Below is a list of cheats, their effects, and their references. Many of these cheats help out the computer enemy, and the chart below indicates which ones help out the enemy and, which do not. Also, some cheats can be toggled on or off, while others have permanent effects that can in some cases be repeated (namely the 3 cheats for more resources, and the "something for nothing" cheat for free upgrades). The "black sheep wall" cheat permanently reveals the entire map, and also disables fog of war, but it can be toggled off again to re-enable fog of war, although the map stays revealed. None of the cheats have permanent effects that benefit the enemy; every cheat that benefits the enemy can be toggled back off again.

Input Effect Produced Helps Enemy? Reference
black sheep wall Reveals Entire Map (toggles on/off) no There's now a metal band called Black Sheep Wall named after this cheat code.
breathe deep 500 Vespene Gas (can repeat for more) no Common quote and belief
food for thought Supply Raised to 200, making supply depots/overlords/pylons unnecessary (toggles on/off) yes A common phrase in English
game over man Instant Loss yes Quote from the movie Aliens
medieval man Enable All Abilities (toggles on/off) yes A track on the Warcraft 2 soundtrack, "I'm a Medieval Man", activated in Warcraft 2 by the cheat "disco"
modify the phase variance Ignore Building Prerequisites (toggles on/off) yes Typical Star Trek command
noglues Disables chapter and exposition screens in between campaign levels. no Was a cheat in Warcraft 2 to disable glues (briefing cutscenes)
operation cwal Faster building and instantaneous upgrades (toggles on/off) yes "Operation: Can't Wait Any Longer," a group of fans anticipating the game's release
ophelia Enable Mission Select (see next cheat) no A character from Shakepeare's Hamlet
race# [# = Mission Number] Skip to selected mission (campaign mode only; put terran, zerg, or protoss as the race). For Brood War, put x before the race (xterran, xzerg, or xprotoss).

xzerg4 accepts an optional letter suffix specifying the starting number of infested command centers. xzerg4a starts with 0, xzerg4f starts with 5.

no N/A
power overwhelming God Mode (toggles on/off) - Enemy units do zero damage, except for the queen's lethal Spawn Broodling ability. Damage by the player's units, such as friendly splash damage, is unaffected. no* One of the archon's responses
radio free zerg Plays secret zerg theme song (only works in Brood War while playing as zerg) no A reference to Radio Free Europe, a radio station that broadcast into Eastern Europe during the Cold War.
show me the money 10,000 Minerals and Gas (can repeat for more) no Infamous quote from the movie Jerry Maguire
something for nothing Free Upgrades (all non-ability upgrades; repeat 3 times for full effect) no From the common quote "You can't get something for nothing."
staying alive Continue playing after win/defeat (toggles on/off) no Popular 1977 song by the Bee Gees
the gathering Abilities don't consume or require any energy (toggles on/off) yes A pun on Magic: The Gathering (since "the gathering" gives you infinite "magic")
there is no cow level Instant Win no A rumor that there was a secret cow level in Diablo. (It later came true in Diablo II.)
war aint what it used to be No Fog of War (toggles on/off) - a better cheat for this is Black Sheep Wall no Common complaint about how wars before modern times had more honor and chivalry
whats mine is mine 500 Minerals (can repeat for more) no Common quote and belief / "Mine" may also refer to the act of mining minerals

StarCraft 64

StarCraft 64 uses a different set of cheats. However, after you beat the mission you used the cheat on, instead of saying "Victory" or "Defeat," it says "Cheated" in its place.

Action Effect Produced
In The Jacobs Installation, the cheat can be collected by moving (not attack-moving) Jim Raynor to the right, just behind the entrance to the installation, until he finds an orange civilian; this must be done quickly. The civilian will promise to give the cheat. Follow the civilian until they disappear and give you the cheat. Once you unlock All Upgrades, select one of your units. Its stats will be at level 1. To make it a level 3, go to "Cheats" and turn on the All Upgrades code, then turn it off. Go back to one of your units and its stats will be at level 2. Do this one more time to get it to level 3. All Upgrades
In The Amerigo, there is a cage full of critters near the zergling pen. Send Infested Kerrigan to the bottom left of the pen to get the cheat. All Research
In Into the Darkness, near the beginning, go down the hall until you get to the stairs. Do not go down the stairs – instead turn to your left and proceed down the hall. The adviser will tell you to turn back. Go back a short distance, then go back toward the dead end to get the cheat. Open Tech Tree
Beat the first protoss campaign. Invincibility
In Legacy of the Xel'Naga, after the corsairs attack at the beginning of the mission, touch the white flag to unlock the cheat. Remove Fog of War
In Patriot's Blood, exit the second computer beacon room with the four civilians. There is an ursadon in a nearby cell. Open the cell door and when the ursadon asks for a hug, move all the units into the cell to surround it and press B. 1000 Minerals and Vespene Gas
In Vile Disruption, save two hives, then follow a path down to the right. Touching a data disc there unlocks the cheat. Build All
To reach the Dark Origin secret mission, beat The Reckoning in less than 25 minutes. Then beat Dark Origin. No cheats may be used; otherwise beating the missions won't count. Unlocks Dark Origin
Beat the second zerg campaign and unlock all other cheats. Unlocks Resurrection IV and grants Infinite Energy

Dark Origin

Accessing the secret protoss Dark Origin mission is not a cheat, but is usually grouped as such because it is a game secret. It applies to both the PC/Mac version of StarCraft: Brood War and the Nintendo 64 version of StarCraft. Dark Origin may be played after zerg mission 9 of Episode VI, The Reckoning, by finishing that mission in less than 25 minutes. An in-mission text message will appear when the secret mission is unlocked. Dark Origin may not be accessed using the level-skipping cheat. Players are still allowed to save their game during the secret mission and reload it at any time later. After Dark Origin, the zerg campaign resumes with mission 10, Omega.

StarCraft II

In StarCraft II, cheats can be entered just like the original StarCraft but activating any cheat codes disables achievements, until the player loads a save game or starts a new mission. List of known cheats:

Input Effect Produced Helps Enemy? Reference
TerribleTerribleDamage God mode (toggles on/off) with 10 times damage for all units and buildings. no A reference to Dustin Browder's "famous" quote, "Terrible... Terrible damage!"
SpectralTiger Grants 5,000 minerals no A reference to a mount in World of Warcraft
RealMenDrillDeep Grants 5,000 vespene gas no Kel-Morian Combine's slogan
WhoRunBartertown Grants 5,000 minerals and vespene gas no A reference to Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome
Jaynestown Grants 5,000 terrazine in custom maps no A reference to the Firefly TV series
WhySoSerious Grants 5,000,000 credits no A reference to The Dark Knight.
HoradricCube Allows all research options A reference to the Diablo series
IAmIronMan Upgrades armor (and shields) by 1 no A reference to Iron Man. (Also a line used by Grom Hellscream in Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal.)
CatFoodForPrawnGuns Fast build and upgrades A reference to District 9
ImADoctorNotARoachJim Fast heal A reference to Star Trek
MoreDotsMoreDots Removes costs of minerals, vespene, energy, etc. no A reference to the Onyxia Wipe Animation in World of Warcraft, where the speaker, Dives, yells this to his raid group.
SoSayWeAll Removes tech requirements A reference to the saying "so say we all" in the newer Battlestar Galactica media series.
Bunker55AliveInside Removes supply/psi requirements A reference to Dawn of the Dead
TookTheRedPill Removes fog of war yes A reference to The Matrix
TyuHasLeftTheGame Disables victory conditions no A reference to StarCraft II Battle Report 2
NeverGiveUpNeverSurrender Disables defeat conditions A reference to Galaxy Quest.
HanShotFirst Disables ability cooldown A reference to Star Wars
WhatIsBestInLife Win the current game A reference to Conan the Barbarian
LetsJustBugOutAndCallItEven Lose the current game A reference to Aliens
LeaveYourSleep Missions selection menu no A reference to Natalie Merchant
EyeOfSauron Cinematics selection menu no A reference to The Lord of the Rings
StayClassyMarSara UNN broadcasts selection menu no A reference to Anchorman
OverEngineeredCodPiece Plays the song Terran Up the Night no TAFKAL80ETC are a band consisting of Blizzard employees. This does not disable achievements.

Lost Viking has its own set of cheats. God mode can be enabled.

Input Effect Produced Helps Enemy? Reference
-LEVELCLEAR Skip to the next level
-BOSS The level's boss shows up immediately
-pu Creates a power-up
-LIFE Sets lives to 10
-end Show ending cinematic


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