Los Andares was a major city located on Chau Sara.


The zerg attacked the city of Los Andares shortly after the rescue of the scientists from the Flannum Installation, and so Alpha Squadron and Cerberus Recon Squad had to rescue the city.[1]

The zerg overran Los Andares Prison, killing most of the prisoners. The troops were evacuated. Survivors included security trooper Lars Trakken and prisoner Cole Hickson. The latter beat up the former and stole his uniform, enabling him to escape with the guards. The prison was visited 72 hours later, when Trakken was discovered alive, hiding under a pile of bodies.[2][3]

Edmund Duke, the commander of Alpha Squadron, arrived in his siege tank with a small force, arriving in time to save what was left of the city from the zerg. Duke fended them off personally assisted in the defense of the Los Andares while his force reclaimed the city.[1]


The name "Los Andares" comes from the Spanish word "andar," meaning "to walk."


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