Envoy Louise DuPre is a diplomat for the Umojan Protectorate. She is cautious and wary of the Terran Dominion as a clear and present threat to the Umojans.

In 2511, DuPre traveled to Korhal and went into talks with Emperor Valerian Mengsk, who requested Umojan biotechnology to aid in their droughts and famines in return for the Dominion stationing forces on their southern border in case of a zerg attack. DuPre did not wish to surrender one of the few holdouts that the late Arcturus Mengsk was unable to extort from the Umojans. DuPre denied his request, and stated she'd be more willing to discuss the matter if the Dominion showed more assurances it was willing to keep the borders it had, and once Valerian replaced those within his government who still wanted to see the Protectorate as part of the Dominion. When a zerg leviathan entered orbit of Korhal, she left the planet and returned to Umoja.[1]


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