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Marines, marauders and medivac dropships/medics (commonly referred to as MMM or 3M) is a StarCraft II terran strategy. Developed by StarCraft II beta testers, it is particularly useful against protoss opponents. It consists of massing infantry units (marines and marauders), researching stimpacks, concussive shells and optionally the ballistic alloy combat shield, and then supporting the army with healing medivac dropships or medics. Such a force easily counters enemy's zealots, stalkers and immortals, and even void rays. The use of medics applies to the Wings of Liberty campaign.

It is also a good counter of a massive roach army.

Counter strategiesEdit

Overwhelm the dropshipsEdit

  • Focus fire. An individual unit may not be simultaneously healed by multiple medivacs, so deal more damage than it can regenerate.
  • Use psionic storm. It deals enough damage to quickly wipe out entire squads of infantry units, despite the medivac support.
  • Use colossi with sentries. The colossi's AoE overwhelm the dropship's healing. The sentries' force fields block the infantry and allow the colossi to out range them.
  • Fungal Growth can damage and immobilize large parts of the infantry when used in the right place at the right time.
  • Burrowed banelings when positioned correctly can be used to decimate marines. Marauders however can absorb a lot of punishment from banelings so try to prioritize splashing the marines.

Destroy the dropshipsEdit

  • Use units capable of firing at aerial targets, such as phoenixes, to quickly dispatch the medivacs, so that they cannot heal the infantry anymore.
  • Another use for high templar: Feedback will drain all their energy and thus inhibit their ability to heal other units and can also one-shot the medivacs if they have at least 150 energy stored.

Use the terrainEdit

  • Use choke points or cliffs to avoid confronting the entire force at once.
  • Attack from higher ground, when it is impassable for infantry. Take note that their medivac dropships can provide sight on the high ground enabling the infantry below to return fire on your forces.

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