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"Your lives are FORFEIT... surrender to DESPAIR!"

- Maar threatening Zeratul.(src)

Maar was a hybrid destroyer.

Maar could corrupt or mind control protoss. It could regenerate, recreating his physical body when killed, by siphoning energy from preservers he had imprisoned in a stasis field. He could also teleport long distances.


Maar was the first hybrid to be awakened.[2][3] In 2504, Maar took over the forbidden protoss archive world of Zhakul. It subverted some of the Zhakul Guardians and imprisoned the three preservers, draining them to survive.

When Dark Prelate Zeratul arrived, Maar repeatedly attacked his base. Every time it was grievously injured and forced to withdraw, it used the preservers' energies to regenerate.

Maar was defeated and killed only after the preservers were freed.[4]

Game Unit[]

Its game abilities include graviton prison, which suspends units helplessly in mid-air while damaging them slightly, a blink ability with Zeratul's dark shadowy animation, plasma blast, and a shockwave-like ability, which damages and knocks back nearby units. This ability is not present on casual difficulty, and is only used after three regenerations.

Maar's hit points and shields are also affected by difficulty, and increase with each regeneration up to a certain limit (1000 in normal).

The best way to counter Maar is with immortals, stalkers and archons.


This unit or structure can detect cloaked, burrowed, duplicated and hallucination enemies.

PsionicShock SC2 Icon1.png
Psionic Shockwave

Releases a burst of psionic energy radiating outward from the Hybrid, knocking away all units and dealing 20 damage.

Hotkey V
Cooldown 12 seconds
GravitonBeam SC2 Icon1.jpg
Graviton Prison

Makes the target unit float in the air, disabling its abilities and deals 60 damage over time.

Hotkey G
Cost 5 Energy
Duration 5 seconds
Cooldown 0 seconds
PhotonOvercharge SC2 Icon1.png
Plasma Blast

Shoots a ball of bio-plasma toward a target, causing 260 damage.

Hotkey N/A
Cost 15 Energy
Duration 3 seconds
Cooldown 0 seconds
Blink SC2 UseAble1.png

Teleports the hybrid to a nearby location.

Hotkey B
Cooldown 6 seconds


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If killed, one of Maar's respawn quotes is "merely a temporary setback." This is possibly a reference to the meme of the same name that began in Warcraft.


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