"Those babies pack a punch. They come at you in a straight line so you can dodge 'em. Or even use "Jump" to get outta their way."

Mag mines are automatic mines used in space. They launch themselves in a straight line when a target is detected and keep moving until they hit a unit.[1]

Game UnitEdit

Mag mines activate when the Hyperion approaches within their detection radius. The mine then shines a red "laser" beam at the target area, makes a sound and moves relatively slowly toward the Hyperion. The Hyperion can easily avoid a single mag mine due to its superior speed and the warning, but numerous mag mines are much more difficult to avoid. The Hyperion can use Jump, but this is short range and requires a cooldown to recharge.

Tac fighters trigger mag mines and can be used to lure them away.

Some structures can even fire mag mines periodically at the Hyperion.[1]

Co-op missions Edit

In Co-op Missions, mag mines appear during the "Mag-nificent" mutator, and are spawned in set positions on the map. These function the same as their "With Friends Like These..." counterparts, and do not respawn when triggered.[2] Mira can calldown Mag Mines as a top pannel ability.

MagMine Game1
Deploy Mag Mines

Deploys 5 Mag Mines to the target location, which take 10 seconds to arm and 1.5 seconds to triggered. Mag Mines are triggered by enemy motion and deal 50 area damage. Maximum of 5 charges.

Cooldown 50Time SC2 Game1

Mastery: increases the maximum charges of Mag Mines by +1 per Mastery point, decreases the cooldown by -0.5 seconds per Mastery point and decreases the arming time by -0.1 seconds per Mastery point. (up to a maximum 35 charges, 35 seconds cooldown and 7 seconds arming time)

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Initially available


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