The Magpie was a Kel-Morian Combine scavenger recovery vessel used by Captain Nero Theban and his crew. It rarely operated in Terran Dominion space due to the trouble that often caused. Some of the crew, including Captain Theban, had secret sympathies to the United Earth Directorate.[1]


Sometime after the Terran Dominion and Daelaam ceasefire Magpie had been scavenging derelict ships, but had a string of runs with low profit. Theban and his crew picked up a new ship engineer named Caleb, who they hoped would become part of their more shadowy motivations.

Soon the crew caught wind of a derelict protoss ship that would soon crash into a nearby planet, and quickly the Magpie arrived near the ship, dropping its crew off to salvage what technology of value they could find.[1] However, as the crew salvaged the ship, they were assaulted by an unknown assailant, who picked them off one by one. The survivors ran back to the Magpie, only to find its doors had been sealed. Theban initialed manual override and armed his crew.

However, when they got to the bridge they found it has been jammed. As they began to plan to release the docking clamps to keep the Magpie from falling into orbit with the protoss vessel, they were surrounded by Terran Dominion marines under Captain Barlow, who had boarded the ship and demanded their arrest.[2]

The Dominion forces arrested the crew and took Caleb in for questioning. Soon they discovered the protoss vessel was a prison ship housing a dangerous fanatical Nerazim, and Captain Barlow ordered that the protoss vessel and the Magpie be destroyed. The crew broke out of their cell and attempted to storm the bridge to stop the Liberator from firing, but were too late, as a wounded Davis activated the ship's firing mechanism, destroying the protoss vessel and the Magpie in a single blast.[3]

Known CrewEdit

Magpies SC-Scavengers Comic1

The ship's crew


  • A magpie is a bird known for collecting various miscellaneous objects and bringing it back to its nest.


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