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Malkovitch was a marine in service to the Terran Dominion. He had a penchant for smoking cigars, even with the visor of his CMC armor down.[1]

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A few months after the Dominion's founding, Alpha Squadron was dispatched to Char in order to "flush out" the zerg. Alpha Squadron was on the receiving end of the casualties, however, which included the zerg overrunning the science vessel Amerigo. In response, a demolition team, Malkovitch included, was sent to investigate and, if any zerg were present, to destroy it.[1]

The marines brought a high yield explosive with them, along with a number of beverages. However, zerg hydralisks interrupted their drinking session, prompting the marines to open fire. Malkovitch initially held his own, keeping the hydralisks at bay effectively -- even dispatching one with a few bullets, until one of the creatures attacked him from above, killing him instantly.[1]


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