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Maltair IV was a Fringe World. Possessing at least one moon, its terran population was involved in extracting pockets of vespene gas from the planet's crust.[1]


Originally a world of the Terran Confederacy,[2] the planet passed into the hands of the Terran Dominion. However, its hazardous operations were disrupted by the zerg[1] in 2500.[3]

Kerrigan oversees the invasion

The planet had very little in the way of defense, possessing only a force of marines to guard Senator Corbin Phash and his son, Colin. When the zerg invasion occurred, much of the population was decimated and the survivors took refuge in a shelter and attempted to escape by a secret passageway but were cut off by the zerg and killed.[1]

Senator Phash and Colin emerged as the only survivors[1] and were rescued soon afterward by the Dominion Marine Corps.[2]

In 2501, Gehenna Station destroyed a Dominion space platform orbiting the world. The Annihilators, a Dominion special forces unit, tasked with hunting a pirate ship in the area, were the first responders. Only a single survivor was found.[4]


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