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Malwarfare is a Co-op Missions map, based on "Unsealing the Past" from the Legacy of the Void campaign.[1]


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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

In an ancient Purifier facility, personalities began to come online. However, one was the personality of a Tal'darim warrior, which began to corrupt the Purifier systems and summon holograms to defend itself. A Purifier named Aurana called on the aid of allied commanders to help her purify the security terminals and remove the influence of the Tal'darim AI. Along the way, she asked the commanders to secure the AI backups. The commanders were able to defend Aurana, and she destroyed the Tal'darim personality.[1]


This map operates similar to "Unsealing the Past". Players will have to defend Aurana as she moves towards set security terminals, where she will stop and be vulnerable to attack. During the upload, she will be attacked by suppression towers, which will stun her until they are dealt with. Aurana can be attacked both by ground and air units. Although she has high health, the waves of enemies can easily surround and destroy her, making her unit seem more fragile than she actually is.

The bonus objective on this map is to take and protect AI backup locations. There are three AI in each data core, which must be uploaded. Each upload costs 350 minerals and 100 gas, and will spawn an enemy wave. Care must be taken, as protecting the data cores may leave Aurana's transport exposed.[1]


As this is an "escort mission," commanders with a quick start hold a strong position in the early game and are ideal: Zagara, Dehaka, Raynor, Kerrigan, and Fenix.

These slower commanders may find themselves struggling to keep up with Aurana, and can easily lose track of her during the rush: Swann, Karax, Alarak, Abathur, and Stukov.

One of the more viable strategies for owners slow-moving armies, like Alarak and Swann, is to build and protect production structures at each data terminal. Swann can mitigate his army's slow speed with Hercules transports, while Alarak's Structure Overcharge comes in very handy. Wrathwalkers are pivotal to destroying suppression towers, so build as many as possible.

Vorazun is one of the hardest commanders to play in this mission (especially against heavy air terran), as her fragile starting army takes time to build up. Spearheading attack while your ally occupies the bonus objective is possible, but NOT recommended. Coordinate attacks and defenses carefully and make use of Black Holes, Dark Pylon's mass recall to quickly counter enemy's attempts on Aurana. Time Stop must be used sparingly in case neither commanders are present when the enemies reach Aurana, or multiple suppression towers become active.[1]


Initial minimap vs Terran

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