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"'Insubordination' is just a fancy word for 'washout recruit.'"

- Marcus Quigby(src)

Marcus Quigby was a marine in the Confederate Marine Corps.


"What an asshole."

- Jim Raynor's first impression of Quigby(src)

As a lieutenant, Quigby was assigned to the Special Tactics and Mission Platoon, 321st Colonial Rangers Battalion during the Guild Wars on Turaxis II. They were using new, jump-capable armor and his engineering experience came in handy there.

His superior, Colonel Javier Vanderspool, assigned Petty Officer Lisa Cassidy to his platoon as an attached medic, part of an experiment with using front-line medical personnel... and to spy on the platoon. Cassidy and Quigby immediately clashed. Cassidy made sure to disrespect him, and when Quigby tried to have her thrown out, the company commander forbade it.

Cassidy subjected Quigby to a series of pranks, such as "losing" his inoculation records and forcing him to undergo a series of vaccinations again. When Quigby's father, General Quigby, came to visit the platoon, his son set up a jumping demonstration in front of the general and Colonel Vanderspool. However, Cassidy had poisoned with water with substances that would make him dizzy as well as something to give him diarrhea. While the rest of the platoon performed the practiced jumps perfectly, Lt. Quigby missed his jump, and fell into one of the banquet tables as his bowels evacuated, embarrassing himself in front of his father.

Quigby ending up being transferred elsewhere. However, Vanderspool was himself embarrassed, and had a small group of plain-clothed soldiers beat Cassidy for this action.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Quigby was described as a "fire-eater" by Vanderspool. In truth, he was a micromanager who loved to give long speeches to and insisted on following regulations to the letter.

Quigby had beady eyes and very bushy and disproportionately large eyebrows.


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