(He was representative but not Matriarch, he was always Prelate. Also Matriarch is strictly a female title)
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The '''Matriarch''' is the StarEdit-only hero level [[Zerg]] [[Queen]] unit. It has not been seen in the StarCraft campaign to date.
'''Matriarch''' can refer to:
The difference between the Matriarch and the normal Zerg Queen is the health increase, as well as automatically researching all abilities and upgrades. No new abilities, unit portrait, or traits are displayed by the Matriarch.
*A [[Nerazim]] position occupied by [[Raszagal]] and [[Vorazun]].
*The {{link|Matriarch|queen}} is a breed of {{link|queen|SC1}} found in [[Twilight Struggle]].
*The [[borbu matriarch]], base genus of the [[infestor]].
*The [[ursadon matriarch]], a leadership of ursadon, that appear in ''[[Heart of the Swarm]]'' during the [[Kaldir]] missions.
*The [[Hive Matriarch]], a cancelled unit from ''[[StarCraft II]]''.
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Matriarch can refer to:

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