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'''Matriarch''' can refer to:
|base_unit=[[Queen (StarCraft)|Queen]]
|faction=[[Zerg Swarm]]
'''Matriarchs''' are more sophisticated versions of the standard [[zerg]] {{link|queen|SC1}} (pre-[[Brood War (conflict)|Brood War]]) and as such, are not to be confused with the [[Hive Matriarch]].
To date, they have only appeared in [[StarEdit]].
*A [[Dark Templar]] position, once occupied by Matriarch [[Raszagal]]
*A [[Matriarch (Queen)|Matriarch]] breed of [[queen (StarCraft)|queen]] found only in [[StarEdit]].
[[Category: StarEdit Zerg units]]

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Matriarch can refer to:

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