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Matriarchs are more sophisticated versions of the standard zerg queen (pre-Brood War) and as such, are not to be confused with the Hive Matriarch.

Twilight Struggle[]

In Twilight Struggle, each cerebrate was defended by a Matriarch.[1]


InfestCC Icon SC1.PNG
Infest Command Center

Converts a badly damaged terran command center into an infested command center. A queen moves over a flying or grounded building and disappears for a short time. Control of the building only changes when the infesting queen reappears. The now-infested command center is restored to full health.

Hotkey I
Cost 0 Energy
Range 0

Attaches a parasite to target unit or critter. Infecting player sees everything the infected unit sees. Infected detectors reveal cloaked and burrowed units. Infected cloaked or burrowed units are always visible to the infecting player.

Hotkey R
Cost 75 Energy
Range 12
Ensnare Icon SC1.PNG

All units in the 4 x 4 targeted area when Ensnare is used will have their movement speed reduced by half and attack cooldown increased by half. Cloaked units caught in the area will also be revealed for the spell's duration.

Hotkey E
Cost 75 Energy
Range 9
Purchased from Queen's nest
Hotkey E
Cost 100 Minerals 100 Vespene gas 80seconds
SpawnBrood Icon SC1.PNG
Spawn Broodling

Creates two broodlings from the targeted ground mechanical or organic unit. The target is instantly destroyed in the process. Archons, dark archons, and robotic units such as probes and reavers may not be targeted. Broodlings last a maximum of 180 seconds.

Hotkey B
Cost 150 Energy
Range 9
Purchased from Queen's nest
Hotkey B
Cost 100 Minerals 100 Vespene gas 80seconds


+1 bonus to armor per level for overlords, mutalisks, guardians, devourers, scourge and queen.

Purchased from
Hotkey C
Level 1
Cost 150 Minerals 150 Vespene gas 266seconds
Level 2
Cost 225 Minerals 225 Vespene gas 298seconds
Required Lair
Level 3
Cost 300 Minerals 300 Vespene gas 330seconds
Required Hive


  • Trained.
Selected Confirming order
  • Selected 1.
  • Selected 2.
  • Selected 3.
  • Selected 4.
  • Confirm 1.
  • Confirm 2.
  • Confirm 3.
  • Confirm 4.
Repeatedly selected
  • Repeatedly selected 1.
  • Repeatedly selected 2.
  • Repeatedly selected 3.
  • Repeatedly selected 4.
Other lines
  • Death 1.
  • Death 2.
  • Death 3.
  • Ensnare Icon SC1.PNG Ensnare.
  • Parasite Icon SC1.PNG Parasite 1.
  • Parasite Icon SC1.PNG Parasite 2.


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