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Matt Morris is a member of Blizzard Entertainment.


Morris joined Blizzard in 1998, beginning work in quality assurance. He worked on Diablo, StarCraft, and StarCraft: Brood War;[1] in the latter two games, he worked in quality assurance.[2] He later worked on Diablo II before going on to work on level design in Warcraft III. He was part of the original World of Warcraft team before he was transferred to work on StarCraft II as a lead level designer.[1] He was the lead level designer of Legacy of the Void, and also worked on the game's story.[3] He became the lead designer for Co-op Missions,[4] his work including mission design, commander design mechanics, and the UI that connects the players to the missions.[1] He is currently a lead designer in the Classic Games team.[5]


In Co-op Missions, he enjoys playing as Sarah Kerrigan, per her presence as a hero unit. Alarak is his second-favorite commander, per his similar playstyle.[4]


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