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16-bits of high octane fun

Maximum Novadrive is a web-based browser game made by Blizzard Entertainment for April Fool's 2016. It features a 2.5 dimension design similar to older arcade racers.[1] It is modeled after the vulture escape sequence from the second half of the Nova Covert Ops mission The Escape.[2]


As Nova Terra, the best ghost in the Dominion, you will take to the mean streets of Sharpsburg with a fully customized vulture-class hover cycle. Navigate freeways depicted in stunning 16-bit graphics that almost let you smell the exhaust as Nova struggles against inattentive drivers and poorly enforced traffic laws![1]


  • Nova's vulture bike speeds effortlessly through lanes– but lookout for slower traffic! From other hover cycles to vespene gas trucks, Maximum Novadrive features cutting-edge Accidental Collision Kickoff (ACK) technology.
  • Compete in high speed challenges against the most obnoxious vehicles in the Terran Dominion!
  • Tension builds as Nova's racing prowess lures local airships into the race. Avoid their strikes as long as possible, or the ghost is toast!


The game is a browser based racer, in which Nova must avoid civilian traffic in order to gather points. Various Defenders of Man vultures will also appear to bar Nova's path, but unlike the campaign will not fire on Nova. Further into the race, Warhawks will begin to strafe the field, and the number will increase in intensity, forcing Nova to avoid both their shots and traffic.[1]

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