"Marshal, I believe your services on Mar Sara are no longer needed."

- Mazor to Jim Raynor(src)

Mazor was an infamous slaver who prowled Perdition's Crossing with the Mazor gang. He was ruthless, and killed those who wouldn't turn him a profit. He was eventually killed by Marduke Saul in a raid on his base.


Mazor made a name for himself in Perdition's Crossing, forming the Mazor gang. He used the wave-form anomalies of the crossing as a cover to raid travelers and science teams who entered the wastes.

In 2496, he raided a Confederate Science Corps transport, and took the scientists and children. He executed the scientists, but loaded the children into a prison cubes. This was discovered by Jim Raynor, who was escorting three prisoners across the crossing. His gang was ambushed by Raynor's group, and the children were freed by T-Bone Smalls and Marduke Saul, and the majority of the gang was slaughtered.

Raynor was knocked out by Rodney Oseen, and discovered by Mazor and the remainder of his gang. Mazor attempted to execute him, but Marduke, holding to his word that he'd help Raynor, surprised Mazor and gunned him down. Mazor and his gang were buried in the same mass graves they forced the scientists to dig.


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