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  • Simulants, another strain of mechanical zerg
"My Mecha Swarm will conquer all!"

The Mecha Swarm (aka mecha zerg or robo-friends) is a mechanial zerg brood created by Egon Stetmann to combat the enemies of Bel'Shir.[1]


End WarEdit

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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

In the timeline of Co-op Missions, the Mecha Swarm was created shortly after allied commanders helped Stetmann's terrazine mining operation on Bel'Shir. In order to combat the enemies of the planet he worshipped, a deluded Stetmann set about creating a new robotic zerg swarm to take on Amon's Forces. He augmented these mechanical zerg with terran and protoss technologies. Mecha ultralisks were augmented with means to take out mechanical enemies, mecha hydralisks were equipped with Erudition missiles, and mecha banelings were given shields to make them harder to kill, more powerful, and able to jump.

To power this swarm, Stetmann created a new type of energy named egonergy, which could allow the Mecha Zerg to do powerful and extraordinary feats. In order to recharge his Mecha Swarm's egonergy, heal them, and increase their speed, Stetmann also invented stetellites, robotic satellites that spread a "Stetzone," which can change its configurations to modify the Mecha Swarm.

To lead his Mecha Swarms into battle, Stetmann used his favorite harvesting bot, Gary, who could overcharge the stetellites, produce his own stetzone, and directly combat enemy threats.

Stetmann expressed love for his Mecha Swarm, but would constantly threaten to punish and dismantle them if they failed him.[1]

Sacred LandEdit

StetmannMechaSwarm SacredLand Comic1

Egon Stetmann and Gary create the Mecha Swarm

After years of isolation on Bel'Shir, Egon Stetmann was forced to contend with the return of a Tal'darim force under Fourth Ascendant Malain. Heeding the terrazine induced calls of Bel'Shir, Stetmann first upgraded one of his harvesting bots to Gary, and with his aid and the stripped down parts of his research base created the Mecha Swarm, replicas of zerg bioforms. He swore he would use them to protect his goddess Bel'Shir.[2]

The Mecha Swarm encountered a Terran Dominion rescue team sent to extract Stetmann from Bel'Shir, and led them to their master, who stood to judge them as trespassers on Bel'Shir.[3] However, the ghost of the rescue team found one of the mecha zerglings to be friendly, and convinced Stetmann that they would help him drive off the Tal'darim. Stetmann agreed so long as the ghost take a dose of terrazine.[2]

Known Mecha ZergEdit

Stetmann Coop Art1

Mecha Swarm units and their 'overlord'


Stetmann SacredLand Comic1

Stetmann and the Mecha Swarm on Bel'Shir

While simulants and the Mecha Swarm use the same skinset, simulants were made by Project Simulant, while the Mecha Swarm is stated to have been built by Egon Stetmann, making them different groups of mechanical zerg.


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