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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

The mecha drone is a Mecha Swarm replication of a drone created by Egon Stetmann during the End War against Amon. It possesses similar abilities to the regular drone, but are outfitted with monomolecuar saw blades instead of traditional claws, as well as the ability to repair mecha zerg structures.[1]

Game UnitEdit

The mecha drone serves as the worker unit for Egon Stetmann in Co-op Missions. They serve as a traditional drone, with the added ability to repair mechanical units similar to an SCV.


The mecha drone morphs into structures and harvests minerals and vespene gas. Idle mecha drones can be selected by pushing F1.

Spay LotV Game1

Applies your currently selected decal to the terrain at the target location. Creates one charge every minute for a maximum of five charges. Each player may have only five sprays on the map at a time.

Hotkey Y
Cooldown 60Time SC2 Game1
Repair SC2 Icon1

Restores the hit points of a mechanical unit or building, terran, infested terran, mecha zerg or protoss. Repairing costs resources.

The ability can be autocast.

Hotkey R
Cost Varies (full repair = 25% value cost) Minerals Terran SC1
Varies (full repair = 25% value cost) ZergVespene SC2 Game1
Varies (full repair = 50% value build time)Time SC2 Game1


MechaGroundArmor Coop Game1
Mecha Ground Plating

Increases the armor of mecha zerg ground units.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Initially available.
Purchased from Mecha evolution chamber
Hotkey C
Level 1
Cost 100 (basic) Minerals Terran SC1
40 (with full Mastery) Minerals Terran SC1
100 (basic) ZergVespene SC2 Game1
40 (with full Mastery) ZergVespene SC2 Game1
160Time SC2 Game1
Effect Armor: 1
Level 2
Cost 175 (basic) Minerals Terran SC1
70 (with full Mastery) Minerals Terran SC1
175 (basic) ZergVespene SC2 Game1
70 (with full Mastery) ZergVespene SC2 Game1
190Time SC2 Game1
Required Mecha lair/Mecha hive
Effect Armor: 2
Level 3
Cost 250 (basic) Minerals Terran SC1
100 (with full Mastery) Minerals Terran SC1
250 (basic) ZergVespene SC2 Game1
100 (with full Mastery) ZergVespene SC2 Game1
220Time SC2 Game1
Required Mecha hive
Effect Armor: 3


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