"Terran marines are the toughest frag magnets in the galaxy. But when they're in trouble, guess who they call?"

- Lieutenant Rosa Morales(src)

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A medic

The medic (or combat physician[1]) is a terran unit that can heal friendly biological ground units.


"Bein' a medic isn't too different from being a soldier. I just kill in reverse."

- Petty Officer Lisa Cassidy(src)

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A medic

Clad in light infantry armor similar to the CMC series, medics carry arm-mounted compartmented shields, stocked with trauma gear, including nano-conveyed anesthetics, chemical modifiers, and attenuated lasers for on-site surgery. When stabilizer medpacks are available, medics gain access to the latest generation of injectable medical nanobots, programmed for cellular hyper-repair. Live field studies have indicated that medics using medpacks heal troops 25% faster—a difference that can turn the tide in a fierce encounter.[2] However, casualties will still occur and for dying marines, medics administer a drug known as the "Final Protocol."[3]

Medics are often specifically targeted on the battlefield, hence the provision of an arm-mounted shield in addition to their armor.[4] Despite this protection, medics are still vulnerable on the battlefield. Generally, their only armament is the A-13 flash grenade launcher, which is used to provide illumination and 'blind' enemy targets,[5] but these were limited to UED medics.[6]

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Medic armor during the Battle of Camp Pitcairn

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The following article or section contains lore from the StarCraft RPG, which is not regarded as canon. Elements may be regarded as 'flavor lore' however.

The Alliance's medics use the C-7 gauss pistol and wear CMC-405 light combat suits.[7]


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A medic during the Guild Wars

During the Guild Wars, the Terran Confederacy experimented with adding Colonial Fleet medics to front-line infantry units.[8]

Marines suffered high casualties, but retained their strength through aggressive recruitment practices. By the Great War, Confederate medics remained at bases to care for wounded soldiers,[9] but were sometimes assigned to squads/platoons.[10] Confederate medics had a distinct appearance (white armor with a red cross).[11] Raynor's Raiders medics operated on the front lines, at least on some occasions.[10]

As conflict escalated to include the protoss and zerg, marine losses became prohibitive. The United Earth Directorate pacification fleet included combat medics in its front lines. Recruitment for medics drew in mostly women.

Medic SC1 Art1

A medic during the Brood War

The UED's technological prowess included the field of medical science. Medic tools were expanded to chemical modifiers increasing marine survival rates and the use of nano-conveyed anesthetic and attenuated lasers to carry out on-site surgery. Caduceus reactors allowed for UED medics to utilize more energy on the battlefield.[5]

Following the Brood War, the Koprulu sector terran factions continue to use medics.[7][12][13] The Terran Dominion still maintains a combat medic program, as medivac dropships are expensive to deploy.[14] By 2505, medics were considered "an indispensable support unit" for Dominion forces in the field.[2]

By the time of the Battle of Camp Pitcairn, a new variant of medic armor had been developed.[15]

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StarCraft IIEdit

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Heroes of the StormEdit

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The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm and is not canon to StarCraft continuity

Lt. Morales appears as a playable medic hero in Heroes of the Storm. Uther the Lightbringer's Medic Uther skin borrows iconography from the StarCraft medic. [4]

Known MedicsEdit

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A medic


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A medic



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A UED medic

  • According to Glynnis Talken Campbell she stated that she voiced the medic, and that "the Medic is a completely different character (as opposed to Kerrigan)--young, innocent, helpful." She has commented that voicing the medic in Brood War was easier as the unit's persona was closer to her own personality. She has also joked that the medic's death cry were what put her off playing Brood War, as she had to listen to her own death cry.[16] However, according to Jason Hayes, the voice of the medic was done by his wife, Tiffany Hayes.[17] As StarCraft did not credit the roles of its voice actors, it is unknown which of the two voiced the medic.


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