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Meinhoff is a planet in the Meinhoff system.

It orbits a star with a high UV output and has a very short day-night cycle.[1]


Rory Swann began a mining outfit on Meinhoff in the years after the Brood War. Profits soared at first. In an effort to drive Swann's operation off Meinhoff and allow himself to take over its mineral-rich land, Tavish Kerr used his father's vast fortune to bribe Kel-Morian Combine officials into levying higher and higher taxes that made it nearly impossible to purchase necessities like food, water, and medicine. Swann declared his operation's independence from KMC control, and the KMC responded by sending a military contingent to seize all of Swann's assets. The KMC crushed the revolt and began slaughtering the miners. The embattled community sent out a distress signal and Swann was saved by Raynor's Raiders.[2]

By 2504, Meinhoff was regarded as a "paradise world."[3] During the Second Great War, refugee populations from across the Koprulu sector used Meinhoff as a staging point[1] from which they hoped to reach the safety of the core worlds. The death toll soared due to shortages of food and water in orbit.[4] Worse, the crowding made it ideal for a zerg virus to spread through the refugee camps.[1]


This article or section contains information from the optional Colonist Missions in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

The virus made the infested refugees vulnerable to the high UV output of Meinhoff's star, so they burrowed underground by day and emerged only at night. By destroying the infested buildings by day and protecting their base at night, Raynor's Raiders successfully cleared the infestation. Doctor Ariel Hanson relocated the Agria colonists off-world.[1]


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