Melani Bradlaw was a terran who grew up on the world of Bountiful. At the beginning of the Great War, she was eighteen.

Her ultimate fate, and whether she even existed can not be said with certainty, as she only appears in the memories of neurally resocialized marine Ardo Melnikov.


Early LifeEdit

Melani Bradlaw first arrived on Bountiful at the age of eight with her parents Arthur and Keti. Initially she was awkward, lonely and shy, not really being noticed. At age fourteen though she began to go through adolescence, seemingly "bursting into awareness." Ardo Melnikov was the first to approach her, the two becoming close friends.

Judgement DayEdit

"Golden...That was his word for it, that rare, perfect day that warms the soul with a golden glow of joy. There was peace in a golden day."

- Ardo Melnikov(src)

Bradlaw's relationship with Melnikov, and perhaps her life, would be cut short, although the exact circumstances are hazy. There are two scenarios presented;

Manufactured MemoriesEdit

"Please Ardo! Don't leave me alone!"

- Melani's last words(src)

In Melnikov's manufactured memories, the zerg invaded Bountiful. She and Ardo ran to Helaman Township, finding it under attack by the zerg, Confederate forces fighting a rearguard action. She and Melnikov, moving in a human tide, managed to reach one of the dropships used for evacuation. However she was 'grabbed' (impaled) by three hydralisks simultaneously and despite Melnikov's best efforts, she was pulled out of his reach to her certain death.

'Real' MemoriesEdit

"Please Ardo! Don't leave me alone!"

- Bradlaw's last words before Ardo's capture(src)

In Melnikov's 'real' memories, the Confederacy did not defend Bountiful but rather invaded it, seeking to conscript young boys into the Confederate Marine Corps. Melnikov was among those singled out and although Melani Bradlaw tried to fend the marines off, Melnikov was torn out of her grasp and removed from her life.

Life HereafterEdit

In retrospect, Melani Bradlaw almost certainly existed, given her presence in both sets of memories.


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