"Please! I know this is what I wanted, but I don't anymore...I don't, I, don't, I...YAAAAHHH!"

- Nova about to undergo a memory wipe(src)

Nova SC-GA1 Head3

Nova undergoes a "short" memory wipe

A memory wipe (a.k.a. mind wipe)[1] is the removal of an individual's memories. It is utilized by the Ghost Program, begun when the shortcomings of the psychic dampener became apparent in the wake of Sarah Kerrigan's defection in 2491. As such, memory wipes became standard operating procedure, allowing for more permanent control of its ghost agents,[2] along with helping conceal information. Memory wipes ceased to be mandatory for ghost agents after Valerian Mengsk came to power.[3]

The memory assignment protocol is run by an electrical device[4] based in a neuro-lab[5] which nullifies the use of psychic powers. In 2501, it was generally operated by Superintendent Sarco Angelini, himself a ghost.[6]

Nova TheKeep Comic1

Nova about to undergo a mind wipe

In addition to long-term wipes, a wipe can be used to erase memories from a specific span of time.[6][7] The device wouldn't be used on a severely injured ghost, however.[7] Some residual memories may reside in the subject after a memory wipe, which can possibly influence their personality on the sub-conscious level.[8]

Terrazine can reverse the effects of a memory wipe through its rejuvenation of a telepath's brain cells. In addition, some forms of psychic trauma, such as that inflicted on Gabriel Tosh, also render memory wipes ineffective. In a more practical sense, ghosts can potentially learn of their previous missions by way of stored files, though these files require top-level clearance to access, with said access being doled out on a need to know basis.[1]

During the Defenders of Man Insurgency, General Carolina Davis and the Defenders of Man made liberal use of mind wipes on Terran Dominion ghosts in order to ensure their loyalty to their cause.[9] This technique was used on Nova Terra and her squad, Stone, Delta Emblock, and Pierce, in order to have them aid her in her scheme to weaken the rule of Emperor Valerian Mengsk. Nova was able to plant a message to herself however, and undo the mind wipe with the aid of terrazine.[10]


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