"The good of humanity? You mean the benefit of the Mengsk dynasty?"
"I see no difference between the two."

The Mengsk Dynasty is a term coined by Arcturus Mengsk to describe the line of succession of the rulers of the Terran Dominion. As of 2505, Valerian Mengsk is its sole member.


The Mengsk Family was one of the "oldest" of the Old Families. The fate of the Mengsk family is tied with that of the Terran Confederacy and the Koprulu Sector.[1]

The insignia of the family is the Wolves of Korhal,[2] which is often represented by the heads of two wolves facing each other or in opposite directions/[3] Members of the dynasty are known for their love of quality liquors and port wine.[1]

The dynasty possessed great wealth.[4] In addition to its family ties, the Mengsk Dynasty possessed numerous industries, including machine tooling and AAI and hovercar production. All of these industries were self sufficient, owning everything in the process that led to the finished product.[1]


Family TreeEdit

Mengsk Family Tree
Augustus Mengsk
Ailin Pasteur
Angus Mengsk
Katherine Mengsk
Juliana Pasteur
Arcturus Mengsk
Dorothy Mengsk
Valerian Mengsk

Heads of the DynastyEdit



MengskDynasty SC2 Art1

Sword of a dynasty

The men of the Mengsk dynasty have a liking for port. Angus preferred amber and white port, Arcturus liked ruby port, and Valerian is fond of the tawny variety.[1]

When designing the insignia of the Mengsk Dynasty, Blizzard initially considered using the lion as a symbol. However, this would be too similar to the flag of the Kingdom of Stormwind from World of Warcraft. As such, the wolf was chosen, referencing the emperors of Rome.[3]

The following section contains information from StarCraft beta that is ambiguously canonical.

A character named "Ambassador Mengsk" appeared in early versions of the StarCraft storyline. He was similar to Angus and Arcturus Mengsk.[5]


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