The Mengsk Summer Villa was a summer home for the Mengsk Family on Korhal prior to its destruction. It was situated sixty kilometers south of Styrling, separated by verdant and lush countryside. Angus Mengsk had chosen its location to be far enough from Styrling to feel that he could escape his obligations as a senator and businessman, but close enough to ensure that he was never left out of the loop.

Built pre-2468, it was a white walled compound located on cliffs overlooking an ocean with an artificial walnut beach containing a memorial to Augustus Mengsk and with mountains located to the north. In addition, it featured an extensive security system that was updated over the years, consisting of laser trips along the grounds, motion sensors on the marble wall that surrounded it, security cameras and tremor alarms at every entrance to the structure by 2478. Overall, while the security of the villa was not the most expensive system money could buy, it was not far off.

Despite the number of automated systems, a security detail also featured, a few guards led by Achton Feld being on duty. Going to the villa to escape his troubles with the Confederacy, Angus Mengsk did not want a large security detail, as it would only remind him of his struggle against the government he despised.

The interior included an oak-paneled main dining room with a grate fire, a kitchen with stone-built ovens and a main hall in which a number of family portraits were displayed, along statuettes, vases and weapons were displayed, all chosen by Katherine Mengsk. Carpeted stairs extended up from the hall to the upper level where the family bedrooms were located, the toys of Dorothy Mengsk often scattered around the bottom. The floor of the hall was a black and white checkerboard pattern while the dining room was paneled with oak, featuring a rosewood table carved with scenes of a pastoral Korhal that probably never existed. A generator was situated in the basement, providing the structure with power.

The RefugeEdit

"The Refuge" was a structure inside a structure, specifically a safe-room at the heart of the villa. Constructed following the murder of Senator Nikkos and his family, it was a fortified bolt hole with three feet of plascrete and neosteel reinforcement bars with a heavy door controlled via keypad, recycled air, screens displaying the villa's interior via its security cameras, communications powerful enough to reach Korhal's space platforms and enough food for up to four days. To gain access to the refuge by force would required at least a high class BDE drill.


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