Merrimack was a terran Leviathan-class battlecruiser.



By the late 2490s, Merrimack was a Confederate prison ship commanded by Captain Elias Tudbury. It was stripped of everything useful aside from life support ("and even that was quirky at times") and maintained geostationary orbit around Mar Sara's northern pole. The ship held prisoners considered too dangerous to be held on the surface.

The Great WarEdit

In the early stages of the Great War members of the Mar Sara Colonial Militia, including Jim Raynor, were held on Merrimack after the Battle of Backwater Station. The crew, but not the prisoners, were evacuated during the general withdrawal of the Confederate Armed Forces from the Sara System.

Tudbury and a skeleton crew were the only remaining crew awaiting evacuation when the Sons of Korhal and Michael Liberty broke into the prison ship and freed Raynor and the Mar Sara Colonial Militia. After the breakout the ship's warp engines re-engaged and the ship limped out of planetary range.


Merrimack is possibly named after the USS Merrimack; a line of ships employed by the US Navy.


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