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Metalopolis is a StarCraft II 1v1 multiplayer map.

The map was removed from the ladder pool in season 3[1] but reintroduced in season 4, with close spawn positions disabled.[2]

By season 8, it had become unpopular, and Blizzard felt it still had balance issues. As a result, it was removed. Blizzard worked on Metalopolis LE as a replacement.[3]


Metalopolis features towering spires of buildings, along with an artificial plateau that rises on top of one of these pillars of concrete, actually featuring grass – something that stands in stark contrast to the surrounding metal jungle. With Mengsk and wolf statues spread throughout the area, numerous establishments and companies make their mark on the city, both in architecture and advertising. Through billboards and hovering platforms, products are advertised as well. The city is known to feature the following establishments, many of which are in corporate chains:[4]

Game Map[]

The city serves as a 4-player map in StarCraft II. While the starting bases are easily protected, expansions are not defended as easily.[4] A novice version exists.

In May, 2011, it stood as the third most favorite 1v1 map in the game.[5]


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