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Meteor Station, as seen from above

Meteor Station was a Kel-Morian Combine mining post[1] situated on a cratered Fringe World.[2] It also featured a Terran Dominion presence, a status quo which occasionally led to flared tempers at least once.[1]


The Artifact[]

In 2503,[3] the Combine discovered a xel'naga artifact nearby, and the Dominion wished to purchase it before the Combine could sell it to the black market. Constant replacing of the diplomats prevented real progress from being made. The Kel-Morian station owners refused to cooperate with their diplomats, who had been sent there from outside, as they wished to act as the middlemen with the Dominion. Furthermore, they artificially raised the price of the artifact so they could skim that profit.

Lounge singer Starry Lace, under the influence of a strange internal "voice" discovered who the diplomats were, Ulrik on the Kel-Morian side and her boyfriend, Richard, on the Dominion side. She arranged a secret meeting between them so Ulrik could hand over the artifact, but they were interrupted by the zerg, which stole the artifact and killed the two men.

Lace herself escaped and was treated in a hospital with Dominion personnel present. She claimed not to remember what had happened. Meanwhile, with the disappearance of the artifact, the new Dominion representative feared they would be blamed for stealing it and thought the Combine had sold it on the black market.[1]

Raynor's Raiders[]

Prior to the Second Great War, the station suffered a critical strike on its processing unit. This left the 800 colonists with 48 hours of breathable air, yet help was one week away. However, Raynor's Raiders arrived in the Hyperion and evacuated the colonists, asking nothing in return.[4]


Known Colonists[]


In a pre-release version of Wings of Liberty, the 800 colonists/rescue figure was reported as occurring during the game, as the Raiders saved the station from the zerg.[2] In the final version of the game, the station is mentioned in a newspaper article. However, the text implies that it is a space station (or at least one with a human-controlled environment),[4] whereas Last Call establishes its host world as having a breathable atmosphere.[1]


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