"In the StarCraft galaxy, only one thing is certain: There will be war."


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The Milky Way

The Milky Way, or simply the Galaxy, is a barred spiral galaxy that forms part of the Local Group.

A great deal of the galaxy's history has been shaped by the xel'naga, a species from beyond the galaxy who traveled to the Milky Way, where they seeded life on countless worlds and uplifted numerous species such as the zerg and protoss.[1] They have been referred to as "the most powerful species the galaxy has ever known."[2] Nevertheless, they met their end at the hands of the zerg.[1]

Currently, protoss, zerg, and humanity stand as the galaxy's dominant species.[3] In a possible future however, the galaxy was "cauterized" by the Dark Voice, paving the way for it to shape all life in its own image.[4][5]


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The Milky Way as seen from Moria's star system

The galaxy can broadly be divided into its center/core, its spiral arms, and its fringe—the points of origin for zerg, humanity, and protoss, respectively.[1] Areas of space can be further sub-divided through sectors, quadrants, planetary regions and star systems.


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