Nova using a mind blast

"In the aftermath of that horrific psionic moment, his mind resonated with a disjointed turmoil of strange and terrible feelings, as if he had been assaulted, invaded. He felt as if new memories had been burned into his skull, false memories, not his, but memories nonetheless of what it felt like to be thrown into a pit of snarling, chittering, mindless insect-things."

- Jake on the aftermath of a mind blast(src)

A mind blast is a psionic power that stuns and injures opponents. Gabriel Tosh possesses that ability[1] as does Nova Terra.[2]

The latter has demonstrated the ability to use mind blasts of monstrous size, but at the cost of extended charging time.[3]

Those terrans who experience a lesser mind blast may fall where they stand, pass out, experience seizures, and involuntary empty their bladder or bowels[4], with greater mind blasts killing the subjects outright, with their bodies bleeding from their eyes and ears.[5]
Victims hear it as a scream and a brutal impact in their mind, and feel as if snarling, chittering random memories have been burned into their skulls. After effects leave terrans more sensitive to psionic beings, even feeling the mind noise of non-telepathic beings around them. Suicide from mind blast survivors is common.[4]
In rare cases, survivors of mind blasts may be immune to memory wipes and are able to close themselves off from other psionic beings.[2]

Tal'darim ascendants have also demonstrated this ability.[6]

Game Effect[edit | edit source]

"I can use a psionic explosion to take out groups of marines. A little trick I call mind blast."

Wings of Liberty[edit | edit source]

Gabriel Tosh can stun enemy units in a small area, dealing 35 damage.

Hotkey B
Cost 50 Energy

Note that the effect in game terms is similar to that of the ultrasonic pulse ability used by spectres.[7]

Legacy of the Void[edit | edit source]

Deals 200 damage to target enemy unit.

Hotkey F
Cost 100 Energy
Cooldown 8 seconds

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