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"Worms. It felt as if worms were burrowing through his brain...It was worse than any head pain he had experienced before."

- Dorian, suffering the early stages of mind control from a hybrid reaver(src)

Mind control is a type of psionic power.


Nova Terra and Vorazun psionically influence Donny Vermillion.

Protoss are able to use mind control. Judicators could use their powers to subtly influence the minds of other creatures. Dark archons however, through an immense expenditure of energy, are able to project a portion of their psychic essence into another being, gaining control over its actions and access to its memories.[1]

Sarah Kerrigan had mind control powers as well, and used these abilities to enslave Matriarch Raszagal.[2]

Mind control can be done in a more subtle manner as well, with powerful psionics able to reach out over long ranges to implant ideas and suggestions in a target's mind. However, those with stronger wills are able to resist such psionic suggestion.[3]

Mind control is considered to be one of the most highly sought after abilities among Terran Dominion ghost recruits. The indoctrination visor was designed to amplify these talents among terrans who posess the ability.[4] Nova Terra is capable of mind control.[5][6]

The Voice in the Darkness is also able to control terrans and protoss, effectively 'possessing' them.[7]

A special breed of spore from the planet Vygoire was able to mind control and telepathically link those infected by it. An ultralisk named the Great One assimilated a number of these spores, and the spread of the spore caused nearby infested terrans to worship it.[8]

The hybrid destroyer Maar could mind control protoss as well, subverting the Zhakul Guardians.[9] Hybrid reavers can exert mental control over both zerg and terrans.[10][11]

Plot option : The Raiders research the hive mind emulator

During the Second Great War, Egon Stetmann, a scientist working for Raynor's Raiders, isolated the DNA strand used to create the zerg Overmind. He applied this to design the hive mind emulator, a device that could mind control most zerg strains.[12]

Plot option ends here

During the End War, Amon and his hybrid demonstrated the ability to mind control terran[13] and zerg[14] , and through the Khala, mind control Khalai protoss.[15]

AlliedCommanders SC2-LotV Art1.jpg

This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

Terrans have developed a number of tools to augment the mind control powers of their ghosts. The psionic motivator allows the ghost to increase the combat ability of those under their control, the neural disruption device causes enemies around the dominated target to attack one another, and the type-88 persuader increases the duration ghosts can mind control a target.[16]

Game Effect[]


If mind control is used on units from other races, the dark archon's controller will have access to the supply of that race. Terran and zerg units and buildings become available by mind controlling SCVs and drones; thus, protoss armies have the potential to expand their military powers dramatically should they have the resources to do so. For example, a protoss player with a large surplus of minerals and gas mind controls an SCV. While he/she had a potential of 200 protoss supply before, he/she now has a potential of 200 protoss and 200 terran supply. Such occurrences, however, are rare in higher-level competitive gaming due to the efficiency and speed at which players use up their resources.

MindCont Icon SC1.PNG
Mind Control

Transfers control of any enemy unit to the casting player. Using Mind Control will drain the dark archon's shields and leave it vulnerable.[17]

Mind controlling a transport will also transfer control of any units the transport is carrying, and mind controlling a unit that has researched upgrades or special abilities will transfer them to the dark archon's player.

The transfer is permanent and irreversible, even after the death or the transfer of control of the dark archon who performed it. Any unit can be subject to multiple Mind Control spells, effectively changing ownership every time.

Hotkey C
Cost 150 Energy All Shields
Range 8
Purchased from Templar archives
Hotkey E
Cost 200 Minerals 200 Vespene gas 120seconds


Mind control was originally present in the StarCraft beta. It was removed due to balance issues, along with causing the game to crash.[18]

StarCraft II[]


If neural parasite is used on a protoss probe then the zerg player can build a nexus. Once a nexus finishes building, the zerg player can build probes that are permanently under their control and access the protoss tech tree.

If neural parasite is used on a terran SCV then the zerg player can build a command center. It is significantly more difficult to attempt than with a probe because the SCV must remain under the effect of Neural Parasite for the whole construction process, requiring several infestors to sustain the control. Once a command center finishes building, the zerg player can build SCVs that are permanently under their control and access the terran tech tree.

All units controlled by a single player (regardless of race) share the same supply cap.

SC2 Neural Parasite Icon.jpg
Neural Parasite

The infestor takes control of target enemy unit. Heroic units are immune.

Units maintain their upgrades and special abilities while controlled. Control reverts to the original player if the infestor is killed, when duration ends, or when the range between the infestor and the controlled unit grows too large.

Controlled probes and SCVs can build structures; the SCV will leave a structure unfinished if it reverts during the construction. Affected drones cannot mutate structures. Larva can be morphed, but hatched units return to enemy's control once the effect has worn off.

Affected units cannot be loaded into transports, and ability cannot be used on transports carrying units. Affected units can be recalled by a Nexus or Mothership.

Ability can be used on enemy infestors. Units mind controlled by affected infestors remain under player's control for normal duration, even after affected infestors revert to opponent's control. Heroic units (such as motherships) cannot be controlled.

This ability can be used while burrowed.

Hotkey E
Cost 100 Energy
Range 7[19] (unit can move up to 5 extra spaces away while still being controlled.)[20]
Duration 15
11 (LotV) seconds
Purchased from Infestation pit
Hotkey E
Cost 150 Minerals 150 Vespene gas 79seconds

Wings of Liberty[]

The hive mind emulator can mind control all zerg units except heroic units and drones.

In Ghost of a Chance Nova can mind control single unit.

Dominate SC2 Icon1.jpg

Nova can dominate an enemy unit. As long as the unit is dominated, she cannot take control of another unit.

Hotkey D
Cost 75 Energy

Heart of the Swarm[]

SC2 Neural Parasite Icon.jpg
Parasitic Domination

Target is permanently controlled by the Swarm.

Heroic units are immune.

Hotkey E
Cost 125 Energy
Range 7
Cooldown 5 seconds

Legacy of the Void[]

Mind control is available as an ability for the dark archon in the Legacy of the Void campaign. Ultralisks, Motherships, Shadows of the Void, and heroic units cannot be mind controlled.

Permanently take control of targeted enemy unit. Heroic units are immune.

Hotkey R
Cost 100 Energy
Cooldown 10 seconds

Nova Covert Ops[]

Mind control is available as an ability for Nova in Nova Covert Ops after acquiring the indoctrination visor in the level "In the Enemy's Shadow."

Allows Nova to take control of target enemy unit. Heroic units are immune. Only one enemy unit can be controlled at a time. Effect lasts until cancelled. Cooldown timer begins once the effect has been cancelled.

Hotkey D
Cost 25 Energy
Cooldown 30 seconds
Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Acquired during "In the Enemy's Shadow."

Co-op Missions[]

Mind control is available as a researched ability for Vorazun's dark archons once she reaches level 9. It can be researched from the dark shrine. Heroic units are immune, and mind controlled units count towards the player's supply.

Tychus's elite ghost Vega also has the "dominate" ability, allowing her to mind control enemy units. Dominated units self-destruct after a time. Heroic units are immune.


Take permanent control of target enemy unit. Heroic units are immune. Mind Controlled units take up supply.

Cost 150 Energy
Range 9
Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Vorazun Level 9
Purchased from Dark shrine
Hotkey C
Cost 150 Minerals 150 Vespene gas 90seconds

Temporarily grants Zeratul control of a target enemy unit. Controlled units self-destruct after 120 seconds. Heroic units are immune.

Hotkey C
Cost 150 Energy
Range 10
Duration 120 seconds
Cooldown 15 seconds
Dominate Coop Game1.png

Temporarily takes control of the targeted enemy unit and increases its damage by 50%. Heroic units are immune. Dominated units self-destruct after 240 seconds. Can store up to 3 charges.

Technical Recruiter: Reduces Dominate cooldown by 35%.

Hotkey Varies (W, E, R or T)
Range 10
Duration 240 seconds
Cooldown 30 seconds
20 (with Technical Recruiter) seconds


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