Miranar is a planet in the Terran Dominion. It is known for its massive waves caused by its three moons. Tourists come from all around in order to thruster board on them.


Miranar is known for its large, 30-60 meter waves that pulverize the coastlines due to its three moons' gravitational pull. Because of this, much of the planet's power comes from hydroelectric energy. The waves get largest during the planet's winter season, when thruster boarding clubs flock to the coastlines in order to ride the largest waves, as well as tourists and inexperienced boarders who often get injured.

Dave, also known as "Big Wave Dave," came from this world, but got in a fight at the Bar Method and sent a large number of tourists to the hospital. He was given the offer of ten years in the Dominion Marine Corps or forty years in prison. He took the former.[1]



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