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Gunnery Sergeant Mitch Tanner was a terran marine of Gamma Squadron. He was stationed at the Fujita Facility, a secret Confederate base on Vyctor 5; the assignment led to his death. Had a liking for Scotty Bolger's Old No. 8 Whiskey.


Guard DutyEdit

Tanner, along with a Gamma Squadron force, had been stationed at the secret Fujita Facility, located within the Fujita Pinnacle, a massive yet stable weather formation. Boredom quickly set in. The Pinnacle was neat to look at for a month but the novelty soon wore off. The Confederate scientists provided no interest, considering that they shared none of his vices (didn't drink or gamble). He "had cleaned his armor so many times that he could do it in his sleep" and his men were just as bored as he was.

After what felt like eternity, Tanner's squad was informed that they were to be reassigned; heading back to "forcibly settling claim disputes and ridding the miners' daughters of their pesky virginity." However, this wasn't to be the case...[1]

Combat DutyEdit

"And I thought this would be a boring assignment"

- Mitch Tanner(src)

The base came under attack by a group of rebels; a group which quickly took out the missile turrets guarding the base. Although Tanner and his men rushed to their defense, most of the turrets were destroyed before they could make a difference, allowing more of the enemy to be brought in by dropships. Tanner managed to help down an enemy Wraith before being shot by one of the enemy soldiers. The gunfire knocked him into the wall of the Pinacle, the weather formation sweeping Tanner to his death.


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