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"I've never seen a battle station like this. Moebius tech is something else—only xel'naga artifacts seem to affect it."

- Stone(src)

The Moebius battle station was a supermassive armed space platform deployed by Moebius Corps during the End War, augmented with xel'naga technology. This technology made it nearly invulnerable to conventional weapons, but made it weak to the other xel'naga technology. Parts of the platform appeared to be built from an asteroid.

The platform contained a massive cannon capable of bombarding planets, as well as a hybrid breeding chamber and a resource storage area that processed minerals. Xenon and vespene gas reactors powered the platform. The station also utilized terrazine extractors to harvest terrazine from whale-like gliders. Outposts on the platform were able to communicate with other bases of Amon's Forces. The station was defended by nearly invincible gatekeeper constructs.

A fatal flaw in the platform was that its technology could be disrupted by other xel'naga technology. Should devices be planted in the right areas, it could scramble communications and electronics, deactivate the gatekeeper constructs, or even detonate large portions of the platform in a massive explosion.[1]


In 2506, the platform was deployed to assault Terran Dominion colonies. It was discovered by ghost agent Stone, who set up a base on the platform, creating artifact trucks filled with xel'naga artifacts. In order to push through to destroy the battle station before it activated, Stone called on two allied commanders to aid him in dismantling the platform.

As the battle raged on, Moebius Corps attempted to transmit their weapons data from their outposts. Stone requested the allied commanders destroy these outposts with the artifact trucks to prevent the data from leaving the platform.

The commanders succeeded in destroying four key areas of the platform, destabilizing it and detonating its cannon, putting an end to the threat it posed to the surrounding colonies.[1]


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