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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

Moebius hybrids were a special breed of hybrid created by Moebius Corps for Amon. They are a twisted amalgamation of terran technology and hybrid, and have powerful psionic abilities.

During the End War, General Carolina Davis of the Terran Dominion discovered the facility where the Moebius hybrids were being bred. She captured an Archangel prototype named the Balius, turning it against the hybrids with the aid of two allied commanders. After a fierce fight, all three Moebius hybrids in the facility were destroyed.[1]

Game UnitEdit

Moebius hybrids serve as the objective of the map "Part and Parcel," and function as a "boss fight" the players must overcome. These hybrid have high health, and can release waves of psionic explosions in front of them, as well as do heavy single target and area damage. The Moebius hybrid can also split itself into three or sometimes four void shades, and the player must destroy all three to cause the hybrid to reappear. During the fight, Davis and the Balius aid the players in fighting it. These hybrid void shades are much more powerful than the standard void shades.

Known Moebius HybridsEdit


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