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"The Mohican all-terrain vehicle. Where do you want to go today?"

- Unit tooltip(src)

The Mohican All-Terrain Vehicle is a terran civilian-grade commercial personal transport in usage by 2504 on planets across the Koprulu Sector.


Garrxax Base used modified mohicans referred to as "jungle jeeps" by the base's Dr. Callins. These jeeps were adapted to traverse the rainforests of the planet Garrxax. The team used them to move between the biospheres that made up the base.[1]

Game Unit[]

"My car, man! I just paid that thing off!"

- Dominion marine(src)

Mohican skins with a hellion.

The Mohican appears in several missions across StarCraft II in terran settlements. They first appear on Mar Sara during the mission "The Outlaws."[2] The vehicle uses a modified hellion with, among other changes, a rollcage over the cockpit instead of a windshield and no flame turret on the top.

Two easter eggs involving the Mohican exist in the trilogy. In the ultralisk evolution mission in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, the player can find a Mohican next to a building near the end of the level. Destroying it prompts a marine to emerge from a nearby building and attack, angry at the destruction of his car.[3] In the mission "Brothers in Arms" another Mohican can be found south of the Keystone at the end of the level. Again, destroying it causes a marine to emerge from a nearby building (ostensibly the same marine from the ultralisk evolution mission) and complain about its destruction.[4]


The color schemes of the Mohican were derived from Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and The General Lee. Their drivers were the same model as missile turret operators.

During development, the hellion was a three-wheeled vehicle that had a mixed reception. The artists moved on to creating civilian variants of the unit, which included a four-wheeled hellion. The team preferred this to the three-wheeled version and the four-wheeled hellion became the default unit.[5]


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