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"The Moebius boys think there's another artifact on a world called Monlyth. Supposedly there's protoss guarding it - a group of fanatics, call themselves the Tal'darim. Now don't get all sentimental thinking these Tal'darim are your old protoss buddies... 'cause they ain't."

- Tychus Findlay briefs Commander Jim Raynor.(src)

Monlyth is a moon, specifically the largest of eight that orbit a planet bathed in the glow of a yellow/orange star.[2]


Monlyth and its moons

In antiquity, Monlyth was visited by the xel'naga and relics marking their presence remained after they passed on. The world became a protoss shrine-world.

A piece of the Keystone was also stored there but came to be abandoned by the protoss centuries before the Second Great War. The Tal'darim chose to remain, and the group and their shrines remained an enigma to terran scientists.

During the Second Great War, the Tal'darim were attacked simultaneously by the Zerg Swarm and Raynor's Raiders, both which sought the component of the xel'naga device that the protoss guarded. The terrans ultimately absconded with the component[3] while the zerg laid waste to the entire moon.[4]


Starships near Monlyth




Monlyth was referred to as a planet at BlizzCon 2011's lore panel for Heart of the Swarm.[4] This is likely an error however, as all other sources indicate Monlyth to be a moon.


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