"This place makes New Folsom look like a nursery."

The Moros was a Terran Dominion prison ship that jumped to a randomized set of coordinates every hour. The ship was heavily defended by numerous Dominion soldiers, ranging from infantry to mechanized walkers.


MorosHyperionLeviathan SC2-HotS Story1

The Hyperion and Kerrigan's leviathan close in on the ship

Commander Jim Raynor was held there after his capture at Research Station EB-103. When the ship stopped at Atlas Station for resupply, it was boarded by Sarah Kerrigan and the zerg, who breached the Dominion defenses and soon penetrated down to the prison deck. In response, Emperor Arcturus Mengsk set the bridge to explode. The Moros then began tearing itself apart as Kerrigan reached the prison deck. Broodmother Zagara had Kerrigan's leviathan stabilize the section of the ship where Raynor was held[1] while Kerrigan got him out.[2]

Known InmatesEdit


The Moros is the basis for one of the game's tilesets, using an installation one.[3]

In Greek mythology, Moros is the personification of impending doom, who drives mortals to their fate.


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