The following article contains information about a StarCraft II unit or structure that was canceled.

The morphalisk[4] was a variant zerg larva created from larvae by the queen.[3]

The morphalisk resembles a regular larva, but larger.[3]

The queen lost the ability to create morphalisks and can instead spawn extra larvae as of February 2009.[5] Blizzard considered it, with timed life, to be "tedious".[6]

Elements of its unit profile were lifted to the brood lord.[7] The model bears similarities to the larval queen.


Game UnitEdit

The morphalisk could be moved by the player and could survive away from creep.[3] It had normal move speed, and it was slow off the creep.[8]

Creation MechanicEdit

The queen could target a hatchery or other larva creation structure, instantly spawning three mutant larvae from it.[9]


  • Creep Move
    • Morphalisks moved slowly off the creep and fairly quickly on the creep.[8]
  • Morph
    • When a morphalisk morphed into a new unit, there was a production time discount.[10] Morphalisks couldn't morph into drones.[8]


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