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A Tal'darim mothership appeared on the battlefield at Tyrador IX during the Defenders of Man Insurgency.

First Ascendant Ji'nara deployed it against the Defenders of Man on Tyrador IX. She also warped in four shield projectors to protect it. However, Agent Nova Terra and her Covert Ops Crew were able to destroy the projectors. Nova's forces attacked because the Defenders of Man were protecting civilians, and the mothership was attacking them too. Enraged, Ji'nara sent the mothership against Nova's forces, but with its shield projectors gone, the mothership was vulnerable to terran weaponry and it was destroyed.[1]


In Nova Covert Ops, this mothership serves as the final objective in Trouble in Paradise. Through the second phase of the mission, it will attack the Defenders of Man base as an invincible unit, but will stop once one of the four shield projectors are down until it fully charges. Once all four are down, it will attack the player's base. This mothership has the same abilities as its Legacy of the Void counterpart, but with the added ability to launch interceptors, detect cloaked units and warp in ground units around it. A mixed force of marines and goliaths, with some marauders and siege tanks to focus warped in ground units, should be able to take it out. Nova can snipe the mothership from out of its detection range, and due to the slow speed of the mothership, can call down nuclear missiles on it if necessary.[1]


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